Task Order Agreement- APRIL and OCELOT

Investigator: Homer Boushey, MD
Sponsor: Pennsylvania State University

Location(s): United States


Azithromycin for Preventing Development of Upper Respiratory Tract Illness into Lower Respiratory Tract Symptoms (APRIL) and Oral Corticosteroids for Treating Episodes of Significant LOwer respiratory Tract Symptoms in Children (OCELOT)

The purpose of this multicenter research, which is being conducted through AsthmaNet, is to study two treatment plans that address severe bouts of coughing and/or wheezing in preschool aged children. One treatment plan, known as APRIL, will try to prevent bad coughing or wheezing by using the oral antibiotic azithromycin when early signs of respiratory illness (or a cold), are observed. The second treatment plan, OCELOT, will evaluate whether the oral corticosteroid prednisolone is effective at decreasing symptoms if an illness develops during APRIL treatment. AsthmaNet is a nationwide clinical research network created by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute.