Task Order # 5 Best African American Response to Asthma Drugs (BARD)

Investigator: Stephen C. Lazarus, MD
Sponsor: Pennsylvania State University

Location(s): United States


African Americans suffer a disproportionate burden of asthma morbidity compared to the general population, along with more asthma-related urgent care visits and higher rates of hospitalizations.  It is known that African American/Black people with asthma sometimes don’t get better when they take the usual dose and type of medications like inhaled corticosteroids (“inhaled steroids”) used commonly to treat asthma.

We are doing this research study to find which additional asthma treatment works best for African American/Black people who have asthma that is not well controlled on a low dose inhaled steroid. We also want to find out if African American/Black people respond differently to how these medications work.