Strengthening Teaching on Reproductive Health (RH) in Hue Medical Facility, Hue, Vietnam

Investigator: Philip Darney, MD, MS
Sponsor: Pathfinder International

Location(s): Viet Nam


One of the innovations piloted at the Hue Medical College was the Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE). Medical students in Viet Nam are most usually evaluated based on written knowledge tests and their ability to present patient cases, methods the Hue faculty considered inadequate for assessing clinical skills. The OSCE allows faculty to assess, objectively and systematically, student ability to perform specific RH functions. Now, all fourth-year Hue students must, for the first time ever, demonstrate clinical competence after their clinical rotation in obstetrics and gynecology, by passing the OSCE. This paper looks more closely at this innovation, offering further information about the approach and describing its introduction in Viet Nam. 
The OSCE as described above was introduced at Hue in November 2006. 
Two international organizations provided substantial assistance to the RH ME project:
The Bixby Center for Reproductive Health Research and Policy at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF): UCSF manages an exchange program with government policymakers and senior representatives of Vietnamese medical schools. 
JHPIEGO: An affiliate of the Johns Hopkins University, JHPIEGO provides technical assistance to the project, especially with the 
establishment of clinical practice opportunities for students.