Spinal Cord Injury With Brain Injury: Bedside To Bench Modeling For Developing Treatment And Rehabilitation Strategies

Investigator: Geoffrey Manley, MD, PhD
Sponsor: U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity

Location(s): United States


This study queried the clinical community to gather information on the current treatment strategies for SCI/TBI dual injury, and determine greatest needs for this population. A majority of clinicians feel  a strong need for more research to improve the care of individuals with SCI/TBI dual injury, and that animal models of hand function may motivate changes in clinical practice. Clinical information is being gathered from several national and local databases of SCI and TBI clinical care and patient outcomes to identify factors that may affect recovery, including type and extent of injury, medical complications, Functional Independence Measure, and other factors that affect recovery. This information will inform the development and characterization of SCI/TBI animal models. To establish a baseline for future models, the investigators utilized currently available protocols to create rat models of incomplete SCI plus mild-complicated and moderate TBI. The development of additional models will be based on the needs of the clinical community, and will be used to evaluate clinic-driven hypotheses for new critical care and rehabilitation strategies for SCI/TBI dual injury. To bring the project full circle, data derived from the animal studies will be used to propose improved guidelines clinical treatment. This partnership has developed a community of researchers and clinicians working together to improve the care and treatment of individuals with SCI and TBI.