Specialty in Stem Cell Biology

Investigator: Susan Fisher, PhD
Sponsor: Community Initiatives

Location(s): United States


The Bridges to Stem Cell Program prepares community college students, particularly members of racial and ethnic minorities underrepresented in the health sciences, to obtain positions in the field of stem cell research by providing them with hands-on laboratory experience as well as academic instruction. A second purpose is to encourage students to pursue careers as stem cell scientists and thus, continue their education until they have obtained the required advanced degree. Selected students will serve an internship in a collaborating laboratory and will have the opportunity to work alongside scientists and technicians as they proceed through their experiments. Along with honing their laboratory skills, students develop critical thinking skills and confidence in their ability to work in today's world of biological science, which can be daunting when viewed from the outside. Students earn a special certificate that will require that they complete advanced training in working with stem cells and participate in a course devoted to the scientific, ethical and legal aspects of stem cell research, along with their internship. Students have the opportunity to participate in a myriad of seminars and workshops in stem cell research offered by the host laboratory. To encourage students to share their experiences with others, they are invited as guest lecturers in a number of the biology and biotechnology classes offered by local colleges so that they can educate and inspire other students in this new and exciting field of biological research. Well-trained laboratory technicians are critical to the success of all research laboratories.