SOPROCARE Perio-Project - Fluorescence Detection of Microbial Plaque and Gingival Inflammation

Investigator: Peter Rechmann, DMD, PhD
Sponsor: Acteon Group

Location(s): United States


Gingivitis due to microbial plaque and calculus leads to advanced periodontal disease. The SOPROCARE camera system emits blue light at 450nm wavelength. It is assumed that using the SOPROCARE camera in perio-mode inflamed gingiva and microbial plaque can easily be observed due to porphyrins. The study with 55 subjects showed that scoring of microbial plaque and gingival inflammation similar to the Turesky-modified Quigley-Hein-Index and the Silness & Löe Gingival-Inflammation-Index is possible using the system. Linear regression fits between the clinical indices and SOPROCARE scores as well as comparisons to digital photography revealed the system’s capacity for effective discrimination between scores.