POPGEN: Population Genetics Haplotype Estimation Method in Complex Typing Data

Investigator: Pierre-Antoine Gourraud, PhD
Sponsor: National Marrow Donor Program

Location(s): Germany


PopGen was founded in 2003 as a population- genetic research project of the National Genome Research Network ( NGFN) at the University Hospital Schleswig -Holstein. It is used to develop a better understanding of the causes of common diseases . Asthma, heart attack, cancer , chronic inflammatory bowel disease and many neurological diseases such as Parkinson's disease or the so-called mood disorders affect more and more people . Today we know that in all these diseases , the genetic predisposition plays an important role . Our children can therefore be ill some of the risk , asthma , heart attack or cancer, inherit from us . If the results of the medical and genetic research can be made ​​available large group of patients , which is a new medicine can arise . Personal health risks can be identified and better control through individual pension plans earlier. Therapies can be precisely tailored to the genetic makeup of a diseased man. There is great hope that people's health will directly benefit from new medical- scientific knowledge in this way.