Pediatric interventions in low resourced areas of Peru

Investigator: Holly Martin, MD

Location(s): Peru


My global health work has focused primarily in pediatrics, in Peru, begining in 2007. My research projects has focused on interventions and best practices in the context of diarrheal disease, mHealth, and neonatal resuscitation work. Collaborations with the Department of Public Health in Peru and various Peruvian academians has supported an ongoing and impactful body of work. Within the growth of these partnerships, I have had the honor of mentoring several trainees on their international research projects.  For UCSF, I also served on the Discovery working group at the outset of the Preterm Birth Initiative.

Most recently I have been field testing the impacts of the BREATH device (Baby Resuscitation Enhanced - A Tech Helper), an app and sensor designed to improve and guide neonatal resuscitation in low-resource areas.