Pediatric Developmental Therapeutics Center of Excellence at UCSF

Investigator: Katherine K. Matthay, MD
Sponsor: Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

Location(s): United States


UCSF has an active Pediatric Cancer Developmental Therapeutics Program. The goals of the program are: (1) to translate promising laboratory findings into rational early phase trials of novel targeted therapies for children with cancer; and (2) to train new researchers with an interest in developing and leading early phase clinical trials. Our team has a long and outstanding track record for leading phase I and II clinical trials in pediatric oncology. The program benefits from the rich resources for clinical and translational research available at UCSF, one of the nation's preeminent health sciences institutions. Our pediatric research laboratories focus on a range of pediatric cancers including neuroblastoma, leukemia, sarcomas, and brain tumors. Findings from these laboratories have led to phase I trials of targeted therapy. Designation as a Center of Excellence will allow us to expand our program in several key ways. We will enhance coordination with our research laboratories to focus on the most promising new drug targets, expand the portfolio of clinical trials we are able to offer patients in the Western United States, improve our outreach efforts to increase clinical trial participation, and increase collaboration with other Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation Centers of Excellence. We will train new investigators with the aid of strong mentorship and formal structured course work in our Training in Clinical Research Master's degree program and our NIH-sponsored Clinical Pharmacology training program. The net impact of these efforts will be a self-sustaining premier pediatric cancer developmental therapeutics program that improves the treatment of children with cancer.