An Open-Label Extension Study of LUMINENZ-AT™

Investigator: Robert L. Hendren, DO
Sponsor: Curemark, LLC

Location(s): United States


A 180-week clinical study to assess the long-term safety and effectiveness of an investigational medication (CM-AT/LUMINENZ- ATTM) designed to treat behavioral and gastrointestinal symptoms of autism in children. LUMINENZ- ATTM is an enzyme formulation children take with food to help them digest proteins.  When protein is digested, it creates substances necessary for proper brain development and function.
Autism is currently a significant cause of disability in the pediatric population. CM-AT is based upon the observation that many children with autism do not digest protein. CM-AT is a proprietary enzyme that is designed as a powder taken three times a day. It is formulated to be released in the small intestine to enhance protein digestion thus increasing the availability of essential amino acids.