National Infrastructure for Standardized and Portable EHR Phenotyping Algorithms

Investigator: Ida Sim, MD, PhD
Sponsor: Mayo Fdn / Mayo Clinic

Location(s): United States


With the rapidly growing adoption of patient electronic health record (EHR) systems due to Meaningful Use, and linkage of EHRs to research biorepositories, evaluating the suitability of EHR data for clinical and translational research is becoming ever more important, with ramifications for genomic and observational research, clinical trials, and comparative effectiveness studies. A key component for identifying patient cohorts in the EHR is to define inclusion and exclusion criteria that algorithmically select sets o patients based on stored clinical data. This process is commonly referred to, as "EHR-driven phenotyping" is time-consuming and tedious due to the lack of a widely accepted and standards-based formal information model for defining phenotyping algorithms. To address this overall challenge, the proposed project will design, build and promote an open-access community infrastructure for standards-based development and sharing of phenotyping algorithms, as well as provide tools and resources for investigators, researchers and their informatics support staff to implement and execute the algorithms on native EHR data.