NAPPMED Planning Grant: Engaging Patent and Proprietary Medicine Dealers to improve management of childhood diarrhea and pneumonia in Nigeria

Investigator: Dominic Montagu, DrPH
Sponsor: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Location(s): Nigeria


The National Association of Proprietary Patent Medicines Dealers (NAPPMED) and the Pharmaceutical Council of Nigeria (PCN) currently carry out annual orientations for registered PPMVs, providing platforms to regularly update PPMVs’ knowledge of appropriate treatments. 

We plan to integrate diarrhea, pneumonia, and malaria knowledge modules into mandatory NAPPMED and PCN retailer orientations: Knowledge modules and job aides will be developed covering symptoms, appropriate treatments, danger signs, and referral guidance for diarrhea, pneumonia, and malaria, with input from public and private sector stakeholders . NAPPMED leadership at the local, state, and national levels will be identified and trained to deliver the modules and disseminate job aides in conjunction with PCN officials at annual orientations to facilitate awareness of and adherence to treatment and referral guidelines. The development of online training modules for continued education by PCN will also be explored as a way to reinforce training and encourage appropriate practices. 

We will also support advocacy for appropriate diarrhea, pneumonia, and malaria treatments through state and local NAPPMED chapters: Relevant in-country partners  will advocate to state and local chapters of retailer associations to incorporate periodic advocacy and training on appropriate treatments for childhood illnesses in their regular meetings. Key opinion leaders at the national and state levels will be identified and engaged to deliver this advocacy under a socially activated marketing strategy to increase uptake of messaging and proper practices. This activity will be carried out as a component of the National Action Campaign for Child Health .