A Multicenter, Multinational, Retrospective Review of Voriconazole Experience for the Prophylaxis against Invasive Aspergillosis in Lung Transplant Recipients

Investigator: Peter Chin-Hong, MD
Sponsor: University of Toronto

Location(s): Canada


A Pilot Study to Determine the Safety and Clinical Efficacy of Once-Weekly Inhaled AmBisome for the Prevention of Aspergillus Colonization in Lung Transplant Recipients. In this pilot study, our main aims are:

  1. To determine the safety of once weekly Inhaled AmBisome prophylaxis in preventing the development of Aspergillus colonization in lung transplant recipients at one year of prophylaxis.
  2. To generate the preliminary data on the efficacy of Inhaled AmBisome (Astellas) loading dose (1mg/kg/day for four days) initially followed by q weekly dosage to complete 1 year in lung transplant recipients as compared to no prophylaxis by assessing the rate of fungal colonization/infections between the groups.