Mentoring and research in applying digital technologies to prevent chronic Illnesses

Investigator: Yoshimi Fukuoka, RN, PhD
Sponsor: NIH National Institute of Nursing Research

Location(s): United States


For this K24 midcareer investigator award in patient-oriented research (POR) award, my goals are: 1) to become an international leader in the primary prevention of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases by applying emerging digital technologies and social media; 2) to conduct high-impact research in testing innovative, cost-effective lifestyle interventions (physical activity) using machine leaning; and 3) to provide a hih quality mentorship and training environment that supports the conduct of high POR impact research in cardiovascular and diabetes prevention. 

The specific aims are:
1) to determine the extent to which baseline factors can predict adherence in self-monitoring (using mobile apps and wearing advanced accelerometers);
2) to determine the extent to which early app-based self-monitoring and evaluation (e.g., advanced accelerometers and diary use, and step counts in the first few weeks) can be optimized to make real-time predictions of future treatment failures;
3) to assess the feasibility of the Physical Activity Plus intervention using developed real-time prediction models (developed in Aim 2), compared to a regular physical activity intervention, for changes in total daily steps and duration of moderate and intensive physical activity over a three-month period. To tailor intervention intensity, we will evaluate the frequency of study visits and real-time feedback to minimize treatment failures and maximize adherence.