Medicaid Incentives for Prevention of Chronic Diseases

Investigator: Andrew B. Bindman, MD
Sponsor: California Department of Health Care Services

Location(s): United States


Section 4108 of the Affordable Care Act authorizes grants to States to provide incentives to Medicaid beneficiaries of all ages who participate in prevention programs and demonstrate changes in health risk and outcomes, including the adoption of healthy behaviors.

The initiatives or programs are to be “comprehensive, evidence-based, widely available, and easily accessible.” The programs must use relevant evidence-based research and resources. An application by a State for a grant under the program must address one or more of the following prevention goals: tobacco cessation, controlling or reducing weight, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and avoiding the onset of diabetes or in the case of a diabetic, improving the management of the condition.

This program partners with the:

California Tobacco Control Program (California Department of Public Health)
California Medicaid Research Institute (multi- campus program based at the University of California, San Francisco)
California Smokers’ Helpline (University of California, San Diego)
California Diabetes Program (University of California, San Francisco)
Institute of Health & Aging (University of California, San Francisco)
to acieve those goals.