Malaria prevention during pregnancy and for young children in Uganda

Investigator: Erika K. Wallender, MD

Location(s): Uganda


Exploring relationships between exposure to antimalarial drugs and subsequent prevention of malaria during pregnancy and infancy using principles of clinical pharmacology. My focus has been improving of birth outcomes, drug toxicities impacting adherence, and the development of antimalarial resistance. Quantifying how malaria prevention or other public health interventions impacts overall health, such as childhood growth, is another important metric to explore.
This work may lead to tools which can optimize and prioritize malaria control measures based on local transmission intensity and population characteristics, particularly in regions where resources are limited. I work with the Infectious Diseases Research Collaboration (IDRC) in Uganda, with researchers in Tororo, Uganda, to build research capacity and funding streams, particularly in quantitative methods like pharmacometrics and mathematical modeling specific to low resourced settings.