Influence of Laser and Non-Coherent Light Irradiation on Properties of Biofilms on Dental Enamel

Investigator: John Featherstone, PhD
Sponsor: U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation

Location(s): Israel


Our aim was to examine the viability and structure of new biofilm formed by Streptococcus mutans that was previously exposed to blue light. S. mutans bacteria were grown to form a mature biofilm, that was exposed to blue light (wavelengths, 400-500 nm) for 1-10 min (equivalent to 68-680 J/cm(2)). Biofilm was dispersed by sonication, and then the suspended bacteria were grown to re-organize as a new biofilm. Biofilm formation after 2, 4, and 6 h, was examined by viable counts and by confocal laser scanning microscopy using live/dead bacterial staining.