Impact of an Internationally Educated Nurse Workforce on Patient Safety Processes and Outcomes in Nursing Homes [II]

Investigator: Laura M. Wagner, PhD, RN
Sponsor: National Council of State Boards of Nursing

Location(s): United States


A cross-sectional, descriptive, comparative study and multiple data sources to examine patient safety processes and outcomes among a cohort of RNs and LPNs/VNs working in nursing homes in five states. The study will compare differences and similarities to nurses who are both internationally and domestically educated in their responses to care processes such as perceptions of patient safety culture, disclosure of adverse event information, barriers to medication error reporting, and communication with the health care team. Thise data will be linked with a large administrative nursing home database to examine whether there are differences in care safety outcomes such as use of physical restraints and occurrence of pressure ulcers. The study findings will inform and support nurses who work in nursing homes and to evaluate the need to assess patient safety preparedness in RNs and LPNs seeking employment in these settings.