GH Tech Project: MNCH/FP/HIV

Investigator: George Rutherford, MD
Sponsor: QED Group, LLC.

Location(s): United States


One approach to reducing maternal and child mortality and to controlling the HIV/AIDS epidemic is to integrate HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care services with maternal, neonatal and child health and nutrition services, including family planning services (MNCHN-FP- HIV). However, it is not yet clear whether such strategies are effective. To compile and assess the evidence that would guide policymakers, public health workers and clinicians in their decision-making, this paper presents a Cochrane systematic review of the scientific literature to evaluate the effectiveness of integrating HIV/AIDS services with MNCHN/FP services. This review also aims to identify factors that promote and inhibit program effectiveness as well as “lessons learned” from the experiences of integrated programs.

This review identifies 20 studies—published between 1990–2010—in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. These studies evaluate programs that integrated HIV/AIDS and MNCHN/FP service delivery. All of the relevant data were extracted from these studies in order to obtain information on each study’s characteristics and reported outcomes—such as changes in health, behavior, uptake and quality of services. This review also identifies an additional 14 reports from unpublished and non-peer reviewed sources—such as from the Websites of major international agencies).