Evaluation of Transitions Clinic: A Post-Release Clinic for Recently Released Parolees with Chronic Medical Conditions

Investigator: Margot Kushel, MD
Sponsor: UC California Policy Research Center

Location(s): United States


The purpose of this study is to study the effectiveness of the Transitions Clinic, a post-release clinic for parolees with chronic medical conditions, in achieving increased primary care engagement, lower rates of inappropriate hospitalizations, psychiatric emergency service and emergency department use, and decreased recidivism.

We hypothesize that subjects receiving parolee-targeted care in the Transitions Clinic will have increased rates of non-emergency department ambulatory care and outpatient mental health care, lower rates of hospitalization, psychiatric emergency service (PES) utilization, emergency department (ED) utilization, decreased total hospital length of stay, and decreased recidivism compared to patients receiving primary care from other safety-net providers.