Evaluation Proposal for the Boys and Men of Color Project of the California Teachers Association

Investigator: Claire Brindis, DrPH
Sponsor: California Teachers Association

Location(s): United States


the California Endowment has provided CTA with a grant to execute positive strategies in the hopes that it will help African American and Latino males close the achievement gap in their respective schools. The program is designed to demonstrate positive possibilities for Latino and African American male students that might not be apparent otherwise. Through the use of student specific presentations and interactive programs the goal of the CTA Boys and Men of Color (BMoC) Program is to assist African American and Latino male students with a successful school year experience. The BMoC program in Oakland and Los Angeles has served to build a foundation for resilience and school connectedness with the boys. Focus has been around having caring adults address the young men with care and nurturing while being role models. BMoC has engaged the young men in presentations and field trips that affect their everyday lives, while building a critical cornerstone based on the theme of respect and responsibility. And lastly, the program was designed to enable the youth to see additional trajectories for their lives and define steps to achieve meaningful jobs and careers.