Evaluation of Advancing Recovery: State/Provider Partnerships for Quality Addiction Care

Investigator: Laura Schmidt, PhD
Sponsor: University of Georgia

Location(s): United States


Variability exists in how states are structured to purchase and regulate addiction treatment care and in how providers implement addiction treatment. This solicited project, led by Paul M. Roman, Ph.D., at the University of Georgia Institute for Behavioral Research, will use quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate the Advancing Recovery program by both highlighting implementation and impact within participating states and maximizing opportunities to aggregate data across partnerships so that widespread comparisons can be made.

The goal of this evaluation will be to:

  • track the effects of strategies involving state authorities and addiction treatment providers on the adoption of selected evidence-based practices and client retention in treatment;
  • illuminate implementation strategies used by certain state-provider partnerships; and
  • examine the sustainability of strategies used at the state and provider levels to promote client retention.