From Basic Biology to Clinical Trials: the Story of Inflammation and Stains in Breast Cancer Research

Investigator: Laura J. Esserman, MD
Sponsor: Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Location(s): United States


Chronic inflammation has been implicated in the initiation and promotion of various cancers, including breast cancer. Tumors are often infiltrated with white blood cells (predominately lymphocytes and macrophages) and the cross-talk between these cells and the cancer cells have profound effects on tumor progression. Dr. Esserman has continued her studies on characterizing and manipulating the tumor immune microenvironment in breast cancer. Her team completed two preclinical studies demonstrating that a combination of immunomodulating agents targeting tumor associated macrophages (TAMs) and infiltrating T lymphocytes can effectively reprogram the tumor immune microenvironment leading to complete tumor regressions in a model of aggressive triple negative breast cancer.