Aligning the Visit Priorities of Complex Patients and Their Primary Care Providers

Investigator: Courtney R. Lyles, PhD
Sponsor: Kaiser Foundation Research Institute

Location(s): United States


Background: Patients with multiple chronic diseases and their primary care providers (PCPs) report a growing frustration with how difficult it is to manage complex health-related issues during too-brief primary care visits.

Objective: This study seeks to develop and rigorously evaluate an innovative approach to improving primary care visits for patients with multiple chronic diseases. It aims to improve the patient-PCP visit interaction by helping patients communicate their visit priorities while also supporting the clinical work of PCPs.

Methods: Patient and provider input will be used to develop a simple tablet-based tool to help patients decide what issues they want to focus on with their PCP. We will then test the impact of this tool in a randomized clinical trial during which some study participants will use the tool in the waiting room before a scheduled visit. We will survey participants to collect outcomes of importance to patients, such as how well their PCP communicates with them, and we will use electronic data collected during routine clinical care to measure outcomes of importance to clinicians and healthcare systems.

Patient Engagement: This study was developed in collaboration with patients and provider stakeholders, whose experiences and insights helped to shape the final proposal. During the study, we will continue to rely on active collaboration between these stakeholders and the research team.

Anticipated Impact: If successful, this approach can be readily adapted to a wide variety of different care settings