Toby Maurer, MD

Toby Maurer
Global Health Sciences Faculty Affiliate

Phone: 415-206-8680
Email: [email protected]
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Project Sponsor Location(s) Topics Start End
Residiency training programs in dermatology Kenya; Uganda; South Africa Health Systems Strengthening, Training and Capacity Building, Training International Scholars and Clinicians, Distance learning and mentoring
The Role of PD-1 Pathway and Tissue Microenvironment in HIV-Kaposi Sarcoma and Endemic Kaposi Sarcoma Cohort in Western Kenya Indiana University Kenya HIV/AIDS, Cancer/Oncology
Effects of Maraviroc on HIV-related Kaposi Sarcoma Pfizer United States HIV/AIDS, Cancer/Oncology
Evaluation of technetium Tc 99m tilmanocept (Lymphoseek) Localization, Retention, and Distribution in Primary Cutaneous Kaposi's Sarcoma (KS) and Lymphatic Drainage from KS Lesions by SPECT and SPECT/CT Imaging United States HIV/AIDS, Cancer/Oncology, Pharmacology and Drug Treatment
Can a Teledermatology Triage Program Succeed in an Insured Health Care System? UC Office of the President United States
Establishing the Dermatology Component of e-Referral at SFGH San Francisco General Hospital Foundation United States Health Systems Strengthening
Immunosenescence Profiles of Atypical Cases of Kaposi Sarcoma in Well-Controlled HIV Infection University of Pennsylvania United States HIV/AIDS, Cancer/Oncology
HIV, Hepatitis C, and Pruritus: Data from the Women's Interagency HIV Study Women's Dermatologic Society United States Infectious Disease, HIV/AIDS, Women's Health